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European Expansion of moveUP

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - EXPANSE (European Expansion of moveUP)

Reporting period: 2020-08-01 to 2021-07-31

2020 will be remembered as year zero of tele-medicine. with the Covid-19 Crisis and the cancellation of all elective procedures, patients were left to themselves, and the lack of access to high quality remote care became very clear. moveUP has developed a mobile health platform that monitors, informs and treats patients remotely via standardised & validated protocols. Its first product is in orthopaedics, but the platform has been extended to other pathologies.

moveUP offers patients a safe, efficient and qualitative therapy program to be made from the comfort of their home. It uses medical device certified machine learning models to adapt activity level, exercises, medication and coach patients, under supervision of healthcare providers.

moveUP and has taken first steps to expand across Europe. But the fragmentation of the European Healthcare markets makes it more difficult for a start-up to scale and raise funding. The purpose of this application is to enable moveUP to adapt and certify its therapy in 4 target countries, run large scale pilots to demonstrate efficacy and health economic benefit, and to conclude partnerships with strategic partners to gain scale.

moveUP makes possible high quality, highly accessible and highly efficient care of patients, wherever they are.
The platform has been reworked to be compatible with an international context, in term of interoperability, regulation and languages. Pilots have been kicked off in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, and a large scale, multi centred randomised control trial has been launched.
moveUP is an asynchronous telemedicine solution, which enable high quality and high efficiency and patient remote care. its data driven approach with standardised protocols ensure that quality of care is consistant across regions and countries. moveUP aims to become the reference virtual clinic solution for specific patient conditions.