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High Efficiency wiReless CMOS transceiver boosted by artificial intelligencE for 6G bandS and beyond


Project Website and logo

A project website logo and graphic charter will be created for HERMES

Data Management Plan - V2

Updated version of the data management plan one year after the preliminary version

Data Management Plan - initial

Data Management Plan preliminary versionThe DMP and its update will include an listing of all the data created or used in the frame of HERMES diffentiating data that can be open and data that need to remain closed according to the principle as open as necessary as close as needed identification of relevant repositories where data can be shared in FAIR manner Findable Accessible Identifiable Reusable

Quality Assurance and Risk Assessment Plan

Quality Assurance process and Risk Assessment Plan specific to HERMESThe plan will include a risk table and explain the quality process for deliverables validation and HERMES relation publications including an IP and ethics check before any disclosure effective decisionmaking and collaborative working proper monitoring of activities and risks

Report on measurement capabilities and design recommendations

Report on measurement capabilities and design recommendations how circuits are measured together from technical solutions to benches for the measurements

Communication & Dissemination plan - initial

The communication and dissemination plan in its initial version will include a presentation of the communication tools logo visual website social network accounts a detailed dissemination strategy for the 4 years of the project description of target groups dissemination activities targeting for each public initial publication plan and timeline for activitiesKPI for communication and dissemination actions will also be defined

Communication & Dissemination plan - V2

The communication and dissemination plan in its intermediate version will include a monitoring of the communication dissemination KPIs a report of dissemination activities already performed an updated timeline of the dissemination activities for the remaining years

High level architecture design report

Report on high level architecture design to size the circuit based on specifications and resolution required for signal processing

RFFE circuit design report

Report on RFFE circuit design of all RF building blocks Local Oscillator Mixers LNA and PAs

High BW end-to-end wireless communication models

Report on high bandwidth endtoend wireless communication models with detailed performance profiling and autoencoder models adapted to achieve higher constellations and even multicarrier communication

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