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Expert Interface to Statistical Information


- framework for the acquisition and maintenance of meta-data; - information dissemination facility; - reasoning mechanism to assist the user.
Three prototype expert systems have been developed: an expert interface to statistical information (EISI) system prototype, a statistical metainformation language and a generic database (DB) architecture for a statistical metainformation system. They have been tested on housing statistics (without direct link to the data). The remaining problems are the integration of the different parts and the completion of the implementation and necessary documentation. Interesting insights on the use of case base reasoning and scenarios in statistics have been gained.

A framework for the acquisition and maintenance of metadata has been established, along with an information dissemination facility and a reasoning mechanism.
Technical approach : - domain : housing statistics in 4 different countries; - usage scenarios by domain experts; - use of hypertext representation; - will start from METIS. Result attended : Tests will be done with housing statistics in 4 different countries.


World Systems Europe
Worldsec House 3-5 Old Bridge Street Hampton Wick
KT1 4DB Kingston
United Kingdom

Participants (3)

Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology
United Kingdom
LE11 3TU Loughborough
Programma de Clima Maritimo