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Grassfibre raw material and grasspaper products for the retail, paper and packaging industry, helping to reduce plastic and textile pollution and CO2 emissions on a global scale


With grassfibre Creapaper introduces a highly innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient alternative raw material for the European paper industry. About half of the 400 million tons paper produced worldwide every year are based on wood pulp. This consumes about 40% of the global industrial wood harvest. Moreover, transport and processing of the wood consume a lot of water, chemicals and energy. Costs and impact to nature are severe. Creapaper provides an unique solution to this problems by introducing grassfibres, produced by a novel patented mechanical process, as a new resource for the paper industry which is compatible to standard production equipment. Grasspaper products are free of noxious substances, printable and have a distinctive sustainable, yet premium appearance and up to 75% of CO2 emissions are saved. They are therefore very attractive for packaging and to replace single-use plastics. Several awards in the packaging industry and first orders from large, well-known brands confirm these USPs of grasspaper products. While Creapaper's customers are paper mills, also brand owners and retailers are addressed with own designs and mock ups. This increases the demand for grasspaper and grassfibres rapidly and will allow a fast scale-up in the European key markets. We started establishing grassfibre as the paper industry's third raw material source besides wood pulp and waste-paper. Creapaper installed a first grassfibre production centre. In the project we will modify and optimise paper conversion machines, to allow cost-efficient mass production of grasspaper products. As the next step of ecologocal packaging materials also adding to circular economy, 100% treeless grass-textile paper, unsing textile waste and grass is developed to market readiness. This next stage in our commercialisation strategy allows us to evolve our business model from grassfibre and grasspaper towards grasspaper products to substitute single-use plastics like straws, cups, and bags.

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SME-2b - SME Instrument (grant only and blended finance)


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