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Preservation of historic reinforced concrete housing buildings across Europe


This proposal aims to show ways on how to reduce earthquake vulnerability of multiple housing construction with reinforced concrete structure of the Modern Movement, with their physical, social and cultural characteristics. These buildings have a high vulnerability due to their high degree of occupation and low capacity, as they were designed for gravitational loads only.

The roots therefore lay in the fact that the type of building spread from Western Europe (early architectural typology from France and computation tables from Germany) to the earthquake prone Eastern Europe. New is the view on historical pre-code reinforced concrete buildings and also the view on historical condominium housing. To solve problems concerning the first aspect technical solutions are required, to solve problems concerning the second one-management solutions come in question. Technical issues regard retrofit measures optimisation, with special investigation of steel bracing of reinforced concrete frames.

Societal issues concern the comprehensibility of the reason for the measures, in order to get user support for the retrofit strategy implementation, of central importance in case of condominium buildings. It is aimed to document the distribution and regional characteristics of buildings constituting the object of the study in Europe, information currently lacking, and to make these findings public. Of importance is the modularisation of a collaborative decision model, with modules customised for each actor involved in the retrofit measure, addressed in different ways by some of the objectives.

This will be achieved taking into account a method suitable for non-measurable criteria, as cultural value and architecture societal issues are. The method is to be tried out experimentally as a student exercise. The proposal is of relevance for the mobility programme opening the chance of working and networking in the multidisciplinary and multicultural environment of an international school.

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