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Provision of scientific, technical and administrative management of COST


The ESF, as the implementing agent for COST (an intergovernmental system for cooperation and networking of European nationally funded researchers and research activities) and its Committee of Senior Officials (CSO), will provide the scientific, technical and administrative management of COST.

This involves establishing a new, free-standing COST Office on a new site. ESF will also staff the Office and ensure its ongoing operations in support of both COST Actions and the scientific governance of COST, especially its Technical Committees. ESF will be responsible for the receipt of proposals for COST Actions, their scientific assessment and their implementation, support and deepening as approved Actions, together with existing COST Actions already agreed for launching or in operation. As well as supporting the Technical Committees, ESF will implement the first of a series of reviews of COST Domains.

During this period, ESF will also be proposing a number of reforms of the COST system, including its governance, in accordance with an independent assessment of COST and its own vision of the system. It will also promote synergy between the Technical Committees of COST and its own scientific committees and with other European groups, including the Framework Programme.

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