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Content archived on 2024-05-29

SOYMANTRY: Soyuz at CSG Programme Management and Launch System Telemetry and remote Adaptations


The Soyuz at CSG programme has been recognised by the EU as a crucial strategic project for the European space policy and Europe's partnership with Russia. The construction of the Soyuz launch facilities at the European Spaceport, the adaptation of the Soyuz launch vehicle to the conditions for its exploitation from the CSG and the development of the upgraded version, will directly contribute to the achievement of European space ambitions, as set-out in the Commission's White Paper on Space, with particular emphasis on deploying the space component of GMES and the future EU space infrastructure for navigation and telecommunication satellites, while contributing to scientific research.

Those space applications have an undeniable strategic purpose. Launching them on-board Soyuz from the CSG secures cost-efficient access to space for medium-class payloads while fully complying with any security-related requirements to be set for specific payload preparation and integration. The future of Europe's guaranteed access to space requires developing and using a new version of the Soyuz launch system from the CSG, providing integrated solutions for access to space infrastructure with enhanced capabilities corresponding to the technical and strategic needs of GM ES, Galileo and Satcoms such as:
­ Improved flexibility & performance through a versatile upper stage, single or multiple launch capability & complementary solutions for high circular or geostationary orbits;
­ Reliability ensured through guarantee d access to space in tight schedules with low risk for institutional or commercial users;
­ Guaranteed security enabling the launch of future classified national/European payloads; and
­ Development of complementary solutions to optimise the GALILEO constellation deployment.

The project proposal focuses on both the overall project management of the programme and on key launcher adaptations by European industry.

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