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Adaptive Technology Transfer Actions for SME Innovation


Attraction is an Accompanying Measure in the CIME domain, which aims to accomplish a restricted number of Technology Transfer demonstrator actions which will show how the results of ESPRIT and other similar research programmes may be customised and transferred to meet the needs of SMEs in the manufacturing sector. In particular, the project will be focused on addressing the needs of up to 10 pilot SMEs located in two different European Regions (less favoured regions, LFRs), i.e. Southern Italy and Northern Ireland.

This action is intended to improve the competitive position of the SME sector and to encourage a greater up-take of advanced IT solutions in the LFRs. In particular it will take account of the social, organisational and economic issues, which have restricted the SMEs' application of modern IT. The workplan, both in South of Italy and Northern Ireland will focus on pilot projects which will adapt CIME technology to meet the needs of "traditional" manufacturing companies which are threatened by decline and need to introduce substantial and integrated product-process-organisational innovations which will sustain their competitiveness in the marketplace.
The project will develop and test a methodology for Technology Transfer (TT) in European CIME, with special emphasis on IT for factory automation of traditional businesses. Further, the project will establish valuable guidelines on the best ways for enhancing the local competitive advantage and stimulating a more accelerated growth for such SMEs.
The implementation of the TT actions will result from in-depth analysis of the organisational, human, cultural, and environmental aspects of characterising the region in which the firms are located. Each action will require an exacting process of adaptation of the identified technologies so that it will meet the specific industrial/commercial requirements of the SME.
The selection of pilot SMEs will be made at the beginning of the project. This will be achieved through an open call for proposals, simultaneously issued in two regions. Specialist 'innovation agents' will be used to translate and customise the RTD results into specific solutions for SMEs. It is intended that the innovative solutions developed for the pilot SMEs will be made available as commercial products by the SME or the subcontracted "innovation agent" or a combination of both. These products can be then marketed to other SMEs in similar traditional manufacturing industries throughout the EU. The partners will encourage actively the commercial exploitation of the TT solutions which result from the various implementation actions.
In addition there will be wide dissemination of "proven in the field" technology transfer methodology to other European SMEs, particularly those located in Less Favoured Regions.

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