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Supporting publications on Natural Hazards Research


The proposed project aims basically to provide a set of publications that will be created within the scope of the Eu-Medin initiative and will be used by the stakeholders of research in the field of Natural Hazards.

The above mentioned publications include:
- A book on the state of the art in the various natural hazards from the research point of view. A wide board of Editors and external experts will collaborate for the preparation of this publication.
- English glossaries of terms commonly used to describe concepts and senses used in references of various types of Natural Hazards (Forest fire, Earthquakes, Landslides, Floods, Desertification, Volcanic risk etc).
- A publication including a collection of information regarding the initiatives, services and policies of the EC and International organisations to support R&D activity in the field of Natural disasters.

Furthermore the envisaged project aims to update the EU-Medin database of metadata, concerning projects results and to ensure the maintenance of the EU-Medin web portal to serve as a web platform of a virtual organisation for supporting the dissemination of R&D results regarding natural disasters and for facilitating the interaction and synergy between research groups and scientists in Europe and worldwide.

Call for proposal

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