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Computer Aided Movement Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context


CAMARC-II is aimed at establishing a European network of clinical and research centres, strictly interconnected with the main manufacturers of the relevant instrumentation and with important "end-users" like national and private insurance companies, which will allow a standardised approach to the Functional Assessment (FA) of the (dis)-ability of the motor impaired and/or the elderly.
Research has been carried out in order to establish a European networ and research centres, strictly interconnected with the main manufacturers of the instrumentation and with important end users like national and private insurance will allow a standardized approach to the functional assessment (FA) of the disa impaired and/or the elderly.

Achievements so far involve:
the assessment of a f methods for reliable data capturing and processing;
the constitution of clinical preliminary definition of clinical protocols supporting clinical decision making assessment of user needs for the design of suitable user friendly interfaces (UF definition of the knowledge acquisition procedure for building up a knowledge ba of the framework for database development, management and interrogation and a pr definition of the patient medical record (PMR);
the preliminary definition of mo oriented and of the relevant measurement systems;
the first proposal for the sta terminology and units for the relevant quantities to be handled;
the preliminary criteria for an age related classification of mobility and of the main factors i and independence in the elderly.
The Consortium connects 8 EC and 2 EFTA countries, 6 industries, 12 outstanding Clinical Centres, 18 universities and research institutions, taking into account contractors, Associate Contractors and Subcontractors.

The objectives of the project are:

- to build-up a Europe-wide network of clinical and research laboratories willing to practice Movement Analysis (MA) in a standardised manner;
- to define, on the largest consensus basis, protocols for data capturing and processing. This objective comprehends the assessment of measurement and data processing methodology for clinical MA, and the development of suitable new instrumentation and motor tasks that are impairment-oriented and/or disability-oriented;
- to integrate the existing and new instrumentation by means of suitable hard- and software interfaces towards the various measurement systems and towards the users;
- to define a comprehensive Knowledge Base (KB) of the already assessed MA experience and to implement a suitable representation of such a Knowledge Base;
- to constitute consistent KBs using quantitative data relative to clinical applications and to make them accessible at least to the institutions belonging to the network of clinical and research centres;
- to assess criteria and to collect preliminary results for the definition of normative data for a conventional age-related classification of normality, impairment and disability with respect to the motor behaviour.

The methodology followed is based on strict concertation among the participants, regular contacts with outstanding groups around the world and extensive evaluation on the field of the results.

The project is articulated in the following four Main Goals (MG):

A. Methodology development and clinical evaluation centres network;
B. Artificial Intelligence in diagnosis, assessment and treatment of Motor Disabilities;
C. Specification of standards and development of instruments/systems for motor disability assessment;
D. Assessment of social consequence of disability.

Each MG is subdivided into Sub Goals; each of these is decomposed in Work Packages, and these in Activities. Moreover there is a Management WP.

Results of the project will be technical-normative reports, specifications, software tools and prototypes.


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