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Content archived on 2024-04-19

European Prototype for Integrated Care

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The chief aim of the EPIC project is to improve the quality of community care provided to vulnerable people through the development of an information system for integrated care, which supports the sharing of information between health and social care professionals. Whilst it has been designed as a generic community information system, initial EPIC applications focus on the care of the elderly. The first year of the project was devoted to the definition of user requirements, the second to the specification of the system and the third to the development, installation and evaluation of the system in the pilot sites. The 3 main components of EPIC are: the architecture, which facilitates the sharing of information between health and social care workers; home based telecare, integrating home safety alarms, blood pressure and ECG monitoring; a common core assessment for use with the elderly in primary care. At the beginning of the EPIC project there was scepticism about the feasibility of reaching a consensus across diverse organisations on home care and telematics required to support it. By focusing on the client and the needs of the client, the EPIC consortium has been able to reach consensus on several concepts regarding the prevision of home care and consequently the telematic solutions required to support it. EPIC provided a focus for organisational thinking and enhanced the understanding of the organisations involved in their telematic requirements. The system developed within the project is the nucleus of a client centred community information system.

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