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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Broadband Urban Rural Based Open Networks

Exploitable results

The work done in BOURBON, as well as the lessons learned, has been divided in two groups - user focused and technical issues. This work has been done in several testbeds and (pre)commercial heterogeneous broadband ATM/IP and narrowband ISDN environments in Ireland, Finland, France, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Greece and North Holland. BOURBON seeks to address the issue of providing cost-effective, scalable access to advanced services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the wider context of Europe and the Information Society. The use of the latest Information Communications Technology (ICT) - which the corporate size companies have already been exploiting for years - increases remarkably the competitiveness of the SMEs. The experiences of the ICT of the large companies in their core business are now exploitable for SMEs. For SMEs it is of great importance to have cost effective, easy to use services, since they usually have no extra support personnel. BOURBON is indicative of the European Commission's determination to improve the possibilities and access to advanced technologies for SMEs. The goal of BOURBON is to enable the participating users and service and network providers to develop new services with accurate user requirements and to learn of the possibilities offered by the new ICT. BOURBON is looking at the benefits of service and application field trials for SMEs when migrating to broadband. The main goal of the technical work of BOURBON has been to be able to specify, set up and run individual test beds in each participating country for the support of real SME field trials. To achieve this, the work has included several phases: network architecture planning, network implementation and network operation and development. The focus of BOURBON is on the broadband network technology, whilst keeping in mind the scalability and cost benefit issues. Projects URL:

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