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Flexible integrated radio systems technology


It is the objective of the project to demonstrate that it is feasible to develop and deploy Intelligent Multimode Terminals (IMT) capable of operation with UMTS, with the ability to deliver multi-media services to mobile users.
Expected Impact
It is expected that users of next generation mobile systems will require flexible (IMT) terminals to access the services made available by UMTS. The FIRST project will develop the necessary technological concepts necessary to implement complex IMT's within acceptable power, size and cost constraints. Further, by undertaking this work in close co-operation with mobile operators and manufacturers, the FIRST project will contribute to the practical promotion of UMTS.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Prototype of Intelligent Multimode Terminals (IMTs) incorporating innovative analogue and digital hardware and software to demonstrate Software Radio implementations of different radio access techniques.
Contribution to the programme
First look into the novel concept of Software Radio. Analysis of the hardware requirements/technology required to meet the IMT architectural objectives. Contributions to ETSI and MMITS Forum.
Technical Approach
A three year programme is being undertaken containing a balanced mix of requirements definition, system design, technology innovation, equipment manufacture and laboratory trials. User requirements and economic justification of the technical approach have been validated through a requirements capture and business case definition activity, led by a mobile operator. The work is closely linked to mobile multimedia studies being undertaken by the ACTS MoMuSys project. Technology, research and development will be undertaken in the area of multimode radio frequency and digital signal processing sub-systems for third generation mobile systems. The objective of these is to propose architectures and technologies which meet the functional, power and cost targets of actual third generation handsets and basestation implementations.

Summary of Intelligent Multimode Terminal (IMT) Tests
The laboratory tests will validate the performance of four IMT demonstrators, with some multimedia capabilities. The IMTs are being developed with a view to implementing both a second generation and a third generation UMTS air interface. Multimode air interface operation both within UMTS and with DCS1800 will be demonstrated. Close collaboration with related ACTS UMTS demonstrator projects is planned.

Key Issues
Next generation mobile terminals will need to deliver a wide range of mobile services (voice, video and data) to the user and also operate with a wide range of air interface standards. It is essential to demonstrate to that these objectives fall within a feasible cost and technological envelope within the timescale of UMTS.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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