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Wireless broadband cpn/lan for professional and residential multimedia applications


The main objective of the project is to evaluate and implement a high speed wireless customer premises local area network (WCPN/WLAN) pilot system for multimedia applications and demonstrate it in real-user trials. The pilot system relies on a multicarrier modulation scheme which is adaptive to the transmitted data rates and channel characteristics and supports wireless ATM network extension. The system, is connected to 3rd and further generation mobile systems via the ATM interface, and utilises the 60 GHz frequency band.
The technical achievements and research results which will be generated during this project, will, together with similar projects of the ACTS programme, include mobility in the present ATM network.
The applicability of special coding and modulation techniques for a 60 GHz wireless LAN environment will be worked out. The 60 GHz frequency band adopted and the high speed digital processing required in the MEDIAN system will have a guiding impact on future developments of DSP and microwave technology. All project results (e.g. System specification, identification of high speed wireless multimedia applications and field trial results) are reported to standardisation bodies.
Expected Impact
60 GHz technology (as upper GHz systems are needed for very high data rate broadband transmission), very fast digital signal processing and inclusion of portability in the present ATM network are the main aspects envisaged by the MEDIAN system. True wireless multimedia applications will be possible with MEDIAN-like systems.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Prototype and demonstration of a high speed wireless customer premises/local area network (WCPN/WLAN) pilot system at 60 GHz for multimedia applications. The system supports wireless ATM network extension and IP-based traffic.
Contribution to the programme
Identification of WCPN service requirements. The demonstrator was used for the field trials and to support standardisation work (ETSI BRAN).
Technical Approach
The project identifies WCPN service requirements. It investigates multi-carrier modulation schemes (OFDM), demodulation, pulse shaping, synchronisation, channel coding, time and frequency interleaving schemes, power control, medium access strategies, interworking functions with high speed data transmission (totally up to 150 Mbit/s user net) in a multipath propagation environment, connectivity aspects related to 3rd and further generation mobile systems, 60 GHz technology and VLSI technology.
A pilot system demonstrator will be build which will be used for the field trials and to support standardisation work.

MEDIAN Demonstrator
Summary of Trial
The MEDIAN demonstrator presents the wireless extension of the ATM LAN environment which is given at the test site. The test site is composed by several SME companies in the Sligo technology park in Ireland which are all connected to the ATM network. Multimedia, voice and video applications are provided and will all be tested over the wireless MEDIAN demonstrator with up to 150 Mbit/s net user data rate. The trial is performed by the project partners in liaison with the Irish National Host.

Typical MEDIAN Scenarios
Key Issues
The MEDIAN concept extends the wireless means of presently existing standards, like GSM, DECT, HIPERLAN, and currently investigated future 3rd generation systems filling the gap between existing wired video applications, wireless speech and low speed data transmissions. As DECT enables wireless communication over a local area with services similar to those of the fixed PSTN, MEDIAN will expand the services of the fixed B-ISDN using local wireless broadband transmission and data interfacing to the fixed ATM network for single and multiple base stations which are sited in a local area.
The OFDM scheme adopted, allows the transmission of B-ISDN originated ATM cells with one OFDM subcarrier group for maximum efficiency. The MEDIAN system envisages a transparent data flow from the fixed ATM network to the mobile ATM capable multimedia terminal. An optimised use of bandwidth is ensured by the use of an adaptive TDD access technique. Obviously QoS aspects are part of the system design.

Relative location of existing wireless communication systems and MEDIAN

The user requirement study has been concluded and the main user and application characteristics of potential wireless applications have been identified: The dynamic office environment shows the largest characteristics overlap for the largest number of applications; It has a large market potential because of the broad impact in society and the connection with social-economical trends.
The system design of the MEDIAN Demonstrator is finished. The hardware design and implementation phase started. Some hardware components are already available.

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