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Open Architecture for Interactive Services on Demand


The OPARISoD project addressed the overall architecture for future Interactive Services-on-Demand systems (ISoD), in particular the architecture, functionality & environment for ISoD media servers and the ISoD media switching centre.
Therefore the project objectives were:
- To provide concepts & specifications for an ISoD laboratory functional reference model (see figure OPARISoD reference model) being compliant to DAVIC.
- To integrate system components & external communication interfaces and test the reference model.
- To develop the ISoD service: Teleshopping, and to make pre-tests within the laboratory.
- To develop concepts for gateways for a later interworking to ISoD pilot systems in Spain, Portugal, (and eventually extensions to pilot systems in Austria, France, Italy).
- To transfer the results from the above points to the IVSS trial (Interactive Video Services Stuttgart, Germany), where real tests would take place.
Architecture, specification and development of ISoD media servers and the ISoD media switching centre.
Technical Approach
The technical approach consisted of two major phases, a specification, realisation and integration phase and a following upgrade and service test phase, coupled with interworking activities to other European Hosts.
In the starting phase the requirements to the cross-connect and server was specified. Of special interest were the following issues:
- Elaboration of an open architecture concept for the realisation of an ISoD-media server based on components and sub systems available on the market.
- Development of a concept for an ISoD media switching centre comprising routing functionality and a network server.
- Use and integration of the latest standards definitions for MPEG-2, DVB, ATM, STH and ISDN.
Following an ISoD media server laboratory prototype, an ISoD media switching centre platform was realised and integrated using the selected available subsystems. As an example of different types of applications, a teleshopping service was implemented. To this purpose dedicated application elements were developed and the services software platform from selected service-providers was then implemented on the media server.
In the second phase the media server and media switching system centre was tested step-by-step to ensure proper working between the system blocks, together with measurements of the system performance with regard to error rates, erroneous system operation by users and system response times on user commands.
Summary of Trial
To prove the results of the project OPARISoD a mini trial with real users was to be established together with the related ACTS project SETBIS using the infrastructure of the National Subhost Baden Württemberg. As the IVSS trial was closed this phase was never realised, and the project was stopped.
Key Issues
- functional tests and measurements before field installation.
- develop and implement the teleshopping service.
- pre-test end-user acceptance for such new service in the laboratory.

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