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Content archived on 2024-06-11

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EPRI-WATCH's main objective is to stimulate information exchange between those involved with technology development/trials in ACTS, and those involved in policy debates on Information Society issues in European, national and regional parliaments and policy-making bodies.
A series of events, seminars and workshops have improved awareness of issues relating to ACTS amongst those involved in policy formulation on a European, national and regional level;
as users of the EPRI-WATCH service, over 400 policy makers have gained hands-on experience with advanced communication and information services, and are now using the network for policy preparation;
video-studios as access points for national parliamentarians will be used for Europe-wide video-conferences on Information Society policy issues;
background information and documentation on selected Information Society policy topics of common interest has been collected and put on the EPRI-WATCH server.
Expected Impact
EPRI-WATCH will benefit the ACTS community by generating a better awareness of the policy concerns relating to technology developments and by feedback from an important user group. It will benefit policy makers and those supporting policy development by broadening awareness of advanced communications capabilities and their likely evolution and impact.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Tested advanced communications services for parliamentarians & policy makers with about 800 users from 27 countries.
Contribution to the programme
Stimulated technology & policy links.
Technical Approach
EPRI-WATCH initiates and fosters two way interaction between the ACTS community and European, national and regional parliamentarians and other policy makers interested in Advanced Communications Technologies and Services following three main lines of activity:
provision of information to disseminate the profile of advanced communications capabilities and to present the political agenda of the Information Society development; the project will develop ten common fields of interest shared by the ACTS community as well as parliamentarians and other policy makers. The information services will focus on these fields during the lifetime of the project;
organisation of seminars and workshops with video events and the presentations of trials and demonstrations to actively promote the benefits of Information Society; these events serve as a platform for social networking between the ACTS community and the community of parliamentarians and other policy makers;
implementation and provision of an interactive multimedia service platform to act as a catalyst within the political community for location-independent work. Services include videoconferencing, on-line joint editing, visualisation of policy making procedures and processes, mail services, etc.
Summary of Trial
The objective of the trial in EPRI-WATCH is to test and stimulate use of advanced communications services by parliamentarians and those supporting their policy initiatives. The continuously evolving trials of state-of-the-art service will provide a platform to promote discussion on Information Society issues on all policy levels. EPRI-WATCH intends to support communication and co-operation between European and national parliamentarians and their home constituencies.
Key Issues
Two-way interaction between the ACTS community and European, national and regional parliamentarians and other policy makers;
advanced services supporting the presentation of ACTS trials and results;
fields of common interest shared by the ACTS community, parliamentarians and other policy makers;
seminars and workshops on fields of common interest combined with video events and distributed seminars and presentations of ACTS trials and demonstrations.

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