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Management of integrated sdh and atm networks


The overall goal of the MISA project is to realise and validate via field trials the integrated end-to-end management of hybrid SDH and ATM Networks in the framework of Open Network Provision (ONP) Environment. The main objectives of the MISA project are:
The realisation of the multi-provider, multi-domain co-operative management in an Open Network Provision (ONP) Environment for SDH/ATM Networks. In particular, a new TMN compliant Management Service, called "Global Broadband Connectivity Management- GBCM" will de defined enabling the provision of any IBC connection based services on multi-domain networks.
The development, provision and validation of an integrated end-to-end management system for heterogeneous SDH and ATM Networks. The focus will be on Network Management Layer of the TMN.
The execution of a field trial using European ATM/SDH Backbone and access network infrastructure, bringing IBC services to both residential and business users. A set European National Hosts is selected and, subject to negotiation and contracts, some of them will be included in the MISA trial.
The project aims at implementing a management system able to integrate the management of SDH and ATM network infrastructures. This system will also allow the provisioning of mixed SDH/ATM- based broadband connections across multiple administrative domains.
The project has identified user requirements for the Integration of Management Services for ATM and SDH Networks and for the Global Broadband Connectivity Management (GBCM) Service. These requirements will be used in the final year of MISA in the evaluation of the trial results.
The specification of the following interfaces are completed: Xuser Interface Definition (Service Subscription, Path Provisioning and Fault Management Ensembles), Xcoop Interface Definition (Path Provisioning and Fault Management Ensembles), Qatm Interface Definition (Path Provisioning and Fault Management Ensembles), Qsdh Interface Definition (Path Provisioning and Fault Management Ensembles). The associated information models were also developed.
The definition and initial design of the Integrated SDH/ATM Network Level OSF functional components have been completed. A number of S/W components have been developed, including: the Xuser service components, the integrated workstation functions components and some of the Integrated Network Level OSF components. The complete set of components are planned to be developed and integrated in the demonstration framework by 1998.
All the developed S/W components are integrated into a MISA demonstration WWW framework. The framework is based on the Webbin CMIP midware which is a gateway that converts http requests to CMIP requests and it can be used for communication with the designed agents/managers of the MISA components. The Webbin CMIP and Java language/environment are used for the integration of the demo components with the graphical user interfaces. The Webbin midware has facilitated the demonstration of a mobile manager scenario enabling control of the MISA OS be performed from a hand held portable computer - Nokia9000.
Expected Impact
The management of broadband connections is very complex, especially in a multi-provider, multi-domain environment. The setting up and re-configuration of such connections are performed through manual actions using faxes and telephone calls as typical procedures. The MISA OSs will automate the procedures so as to satisfy the end-user requirements in a matter of seconds. This will be achieved by provisioning of open interfaces to the management centres for the necessary co-operation between management systems. This goal is vital to progress the development of the IBC infrastructure. The integrated management of SDH and ATM networks is a very important topic due to the enormous potential benefit in optimising the use of the network resources. Starting from the current standards and results from other initiatives the MISA project will allow the integration of management for SDH and ATM by defining detailed specifications validated and tested in a field trial.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Validation of integrated end-to-end management of hybrid SDH and ATM Networks in the framework of Open Network Provision (ONP) Environment.
Contribution to the programme
This project results will allow the provisioning of mixed SDH/ATM- based broadband connections across multiple administrative domains.
Technical Approach
Various solutions will be evaluated in terms of suitability and performance for integrated management of SDH and ATM networks and for the co-operative multi-domain, multi-providers management of broadband connections. The MISA Enterprise Model is represented in the scheme below where the main roles interacting for providing and using the GBC service are the GBC service consumer (e.g. a VASP or a business user) and the GBC service provider (e.g. a PNO). Several Reference Points have been identified. At RP3 the GBC Consumer interacts with the provider while at the RP4 a PNO interacts with other PNOs for providing the interdomain connectivity. At RP6 and RP7, the MISA system interacts with the Network Layer OSs provided by the NHs for managing the SDH and ATM infrastructure in an integrated way. A MISA Xuser will be specified for RP3 while a MISA Xcoop will be designed at the RP4. High level Qatm and Qsdh interface will be specified at the RP6 and RP7 respectively. The connection of the MISA OS to the existing SDH and ATM Network Level OSs will be possible by implementing adaptors that will allow the interworking. Finally the MISA OSs will be interconnected to implement a distributed management system allowing many PNOs to co-operate in the provision of end-to-end broadband connections. Both the star and the cascade co-operative approaches will be investigated in the project.
Summary of Trial
The MISA trial is based on a set of MISA Operations Systems (OSs) interfacing the SDH and ATM Network Level OSs controlling the relevant resources within the selected National Hosts (NHs). The MISA OSs will manage the SDH and ATM resources of the local NH as well as the broadband connections between NHs. The main objective of the trial is to field test the MISA OS capabilities. Several NHs will be involved: Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and UK National Hosts. Partners of the project, directly involved in the set-up and/or management of the NHs will facilitate the administration of interactions with the NHs themselves.
Key Issues
Interpretability of SDH and ATM management systems.
Multi-domain management systems, in particular, definition of X interfaces.
Customer access to management systems.
Automation of end-to-end management.

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