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Wireless atm network demonstrator

Exploitable results

A medical consulting user trial will be conducted in order to demonstrate that wireless access to fixed ATM networks is feasible. A vital part of the software for the user trials is a video conferencing and collaboration software, which enables the users to set up and maintain QoS aware video conferences over the Wireless ATM network. In addition, standard network without QoS support can be used, too. The software is independent from hardware capture cards and media codecs, which makes it easy for commercial exploitation. Two main parts enable collaboration between several users: the video conferencing part and the application sharing part. The video conferencing package records audio and video, compresses it with a suitable media compresser and sends it to the network. On the remote side, the media streams are reassembled, decoded and displayed. Several users can communicate via a conferencing server. A special video codec (WaveVideo) copes with transmission channel impaiments based on Wavelets. The application sharing part captures all graphic output from the shared applications and distributes it to a graphic engine on the remote host, which renders then the graphic primitives. Telepointers are shared between the users so that important parts can be highlighted. The user friendliness will be determined during the user trials. A MPEG-2 Transport Stream player was developed for Windows NT platform for decoding MPEG-2 transport streams. A XRay viewing application was developed for displaying DICOM files containing medical images and videos.
The project involves three main areas: specification of a wireless, customer premises, access system for asynchronous transmission mode(ATM) networks that maintains the service characteristics and benefits of the ATM networks to the mobile user; promotion of the standardization of wireless ATM access as developed; demonstration of and carrying out user trials with the selected user group and test the feasibility of a radio based ATM access system. The Magic WAND project (Wireless ATM Network Demonstrator) covers the whole range of functionality from basic (wireless) data transmission to shared multi-media applications. The primary concern is to demonstrate that wireless access to ATM, capable of providing real multi-media services to mobile users, is technically feasible The current achievements of the project include the complete functional system specification on the demonstrator which has been specified with the specification and description language (SDL) and verified with the simulation model. In addition, the project has defined the exact demo platform set-up and therefore enabled the basis for the implementation work which has been started on all parts of the system. Besides demonstrator work, the project has been active in its liaison and standardization activities. The stochastic radio channel model for channel simulations was developed and verified by measurements on 5 and 17 GHz frequency bands. Furthermore, the project has been active in the standardization by contributing and harmonising the work between ATM forum and ETSI RES10. The Magic WAND project continues the work on gaining knowledge on the wireless ATM radio design and its medium access control functions as well as wireless ATM specific control and signalling functions. These results will be further contributed to ETSI and ATM forum in order to influence on the all relevant standards for wireless ATM systems.