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Management of photonic systems and networks


The main objective of MEPHISTO is to apply the principles of network management (TMN) to advanced all-optical core networks exploiting wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) for transmission and routing. To this purpose, the project will develop an innovative and generic information model for operation and management of optical networks and network elements. MEPHISTO will also adapt and develop management software applications to perform fault, configuration and performance management, according to this new information model. Finally, MEPHISTO will demonstrate and assess the developed management system both on an optical network emulation software platform and in the hardware prototype of an optical WDM ring network.
Expected results
Definition of an innovative, TMN-compatible information model for the operation and management of photonic networks, both at the network and network element levels, that ensures transversal compatibility;
Development of management application prototypes for TMN agents and managers and demonstration on a WDM optical network testbed;
Implementation and demonstration of fully managed, transparent WDM optical networks.
Contribution to international standards on WDM network management.

Expected impact
Assessment of technologies that enable industrial software and hardware developers to implement manageable optical networks, including interworking of management platforms for the optical and electrical core networks and nodes;
A significant contribution to the formation of a consensus view for innovative operation and management of the future European WDM optical network infrastructure.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Applied the principals of network management (TMN) to advanced all-optical networks involving WDM.
Contribution to the programme
Practical contribution to the deployment of fully-managed, fully transparent optical networks.
Technical approach
The project will first examine and identify the optical network elements and functional blocks, the specific optical functionalities and the related optical parameters, which need to be controlled and monitored to support TMN operation and management of optical networks. These parameters will be defined, including the level at which the corresponding control information must be made available and processed, and an appropriate set of managed objects with attributes and behaviour will be developed. The project will apply simultaneously bottom-up (requirements from the optical layer) and top-down (network level) specification approaches, so as to allow a generic approach for control and management of photonic networks, independent of the internal architectures and technologies of the various optical network elements. The corresponding set of specifications will be issued, applying innovative methodological approaches recommended by both ITU-T and ETSI.

Management software applications (agents and managers) will be developed according to the defined information model, in order to provide configuration, fault and performance services. New agents will be developed for the network elements, including both a management software interface with real-time control software for the hardware prototype, and a management software interface for the software emulation platform. The manager development will start on the basis of existing prototypes of SDH managers, which will be upgraded with new modules suited for optical WDM core networks. Finally, test of the whole management system composed of the managers and their platforms, the software emulation platform and the hardware prototype will be done using the same Q interface and the suited agents, to ensure full interoperability of the applications with the testbeds.
Summary of trials
The management software applications (fault, configuration/restoration and performance services) will be tested and demonstrated on two different testbeds :
An emulation software platform for WDM optical networks, capable of emulating different topologies and network elements, will be used to demonstrate the full range of management functionalities and services;
A rack-mounted prototype of a WDM optical ring network, made of optical amplifiers and three reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers, will be upgraded to demonstrate the practical feasibility of the defined information model, of the selected optical functionalities and of the novel management applications.
Key issues
The generic, application-oriented approach of the MEPHISTO project for the management of all-optical core networks will address:
the definition of a generic information model for photonic networks ensuring compatibility with TMN principles and with requirements of advanced optical technology;
the impact of technology requirements on the management system, both in terms of software applications and software/hardware interfaces;
the relationship of management agents, managers and operations systems for optical core networks and network elements, including the interworking of management platforms and the cross-management with the electrical layer;
the formation of a consensus view and contributions to international standardisation bodies and forums on control and management of optical networks.

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