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Clip On Demand Interactive System


The Codis project aimed to experiment, demonstrate and promote an electronic brokerage system based on the principle of inter-operability of European telecom networks and in particular, to secure the implementation of a customer-provider connection through a broadband network.

Considering the state of the market and the current set-up of commuted broadband networks, generalisation and standardisation of the system in Europe was planned in two stages: the professional market, followed by the domestic consumer market.

In order to simulate the brokerage system presented in the project, a first multi-provider and multi-customer facility was to be tested, allowing the consultation and acquisition of corporate and advertising films intended for communication agencies and big firms.

Key Issues
Creating an open and standard interface between :
* the broker system and the provider systems
* the broker system and the consumer terminals

Incorporation of the achievements produced by the key international fora (DAVIC, MPEG-2, EDIFACT, ATM Forum).

Technical Approach
The objective of the project was to allow (through a broker service) the consultation and the acquisition of multimedia data for domestic or professional use. To facilitate data access, a service broker was to be inserted in the search path. The broker would its main database up to date, with data delivered by the "Service Providers".

When a customer wished to consult or purchase data, he would establish a connection with the broker, through communication networks. The client would search and select data using a multimedia browser. This browser would show him information delivered by several service providers whose origin would be masked by the broker.

Commercial information would also have been provided. When the choice was made, data would be downloaded either from the service provider server or from the broker server.

The project was terminated April 1, 1997, following the specification phase.

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