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Guidelines for interoperability in networks and atm deployment

Exploitable results

In order to facilitate interoperability and network integration in broadband communications, a general need exists to bring easily accessible information to all sectors. Guidelines for interoperability in networks and asynchronous transmission mode (ATM) deployment (GINA) accumulates a fund of know-how in the integration and operation of broadband services by keeping track of and participating in events on broadband development. While the work is in progress, the draft of the guidelines are permanently accessible on-line on the GINA-server, to facilitate teleworking within GINA and to be open for questions, comments and feedback by researchers and by external contributors. After a first period of 8 months, GINA made a release of the set of guidelines. The information will be available on the GINA server, with pointers from other servers. In the world of telecommunications, the right information at the right time is the most important issue for decision making at both the strategic and research levels. GINA provides timely and accurate information in the form of guidelines collated from the results of projects, (refined through the concertation mechanism of chains), standardization bodies, research activities world-wide and public information available from scientific magazines, conferences and exhibitions. GINA uses a diversity of means for the dissemination of the results of the guideline generation activity, such as organization of conferences, brochures and newsletters (a newsletter is produced for each new chain concertation meeting), information available on the GINA server, publication of the guidelines in book and compact disc read only memory (CDROM) form and support of the contributions to standardization bodies by the individual projects of the Network Interoperability (NI) Chain Group. The GINA server stores overview information in a number of public web pages and work in progress in a cooperative work space. In October 1996 GINA supported successfully the INTERWORKING'96 conference in Nara, Japan.