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Generic Architecture for Information Availability

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The GAIA project is developing a sector and supplier independent generic architecture for information availability to support multilateral information trading. The GAIA architecture facilitates location and delivery of information, content and digital services through a scaleable brokerage model broadly applicable to distributed information supply chains and networks. The project will demonstrate applicability in three sectors: music, publishing and technical data. GAIA is providing a holistic architecture based on the principle of interworking interchangeable components, providing addition to ongoing standardization processes and taking into account the inevitable diversity of the telecommunications infrastructure. GAIA has published an initial statement of Generic and Domain Requirements. The requirements were captured by analysing the needs of the demonstrator domains in comparison to the GAIA Reference Model. Internal drafts of the Reference Model have been made available for brokerage concertation in ACTS. They are a basis for the Interim and Final GAIA Standards which will be publicly released in the future. As GAIA involves the development of services based on the agreed Reference Model and Standard, a number of internal framework reports have been produced to cover technology selection, state of the art, and design issues. The GAIA Design will pull this work together, with validation from the demonstration sectors and the standardization and ACTS concertation processes.

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