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Optimised Network Architectures for Multimedia Services


The objective of the project is to establish guidelines for the introduction of advanced communications networks and multimedia services in a competitive multiservice environment.
This project is based on techno-economic evaluation of different case studies derived from field trials and projects within and outside ACTS. OPTIMUM identifies possible user groups and introduction scenarios for advanced communication services. Participation of SMEs and non-EU countries also contributes to the study of specific business cases. The project addresses different user communities within both residential and business market segments and takes into consideration the impact of competition and co-operation in various regulatory environments.
The project will produce techno-economic guidelines and recommendations which will be relevant to network planners, service providers and equipment manufacturers. Additionally the detailed comparative assessment of business cases is likely to spur the interest of SMEs in emerging business opportunities in multimedia networks and services.
Expected Impact
OPTIMUM will help the actors of the European Information Society to understand the techno-economic factors governing the development of multimedia networks and services, both in the residential and business environments.
Technical Approach
The consortium uses previous work already developed in the areas of techno-economic evaluations of telecommunication networks and services. OPTIMUM adapts and uses the tool developed in R2087/TITAN. The TITAN methodology and tool is now being adapted to the assessment of multimedia business cases. The architectures for a specific set of services are being defined and combined with traffic, demand and tariffs. The evaluation of various multimedia network architectures are performed by calculation of the discounted First Installed Cost, Life Cycle Cost and overall financial budget. Risks for various introduction scenarios will be assessed.

Summary of Trial
The nature of this project is such that no practical experimentation is foreseen. However, OPTIMUM will evaluate and validate relevant field trials carried out by other ACTS projects, and other trials implemented by European Telecom operators.
Key Issues
Technoeconomic guidelines
Business cases
Technoeconomic assessment
Risk analysis

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