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Concerted actions in support of the cable television delivery chain


The aim of the project is to initiate a collaborative Broadband Communications Research Programme for the Operators and Equipment Suppliers within the cable sector which can make maximum use of the work being done in ACTS.
The objectives of the project are:
- To encourage the actors in the cable sector to enter the ACTS arena.
- To make the cable sector aware of the Advanced Broadband Communications R&D being carried out in ACTS.
- To transfer the results of the ongoing ACTS research to operators and suppliers in the European cable sector by selecting information from ACTS which is of interest to them.
- To seek responses from the cable sector and to inform the ACTS projects.
- To co-ordinate, with the IBCoBN project, the setting-up of the EuroCable Labs.
- To present the results of ACTS to the EuroCable Labs and cable sector so as to ensure a match between the future demand for technology and its supply.
Expected Achievements
Dissemination of the views of the players in the cable sector within ACTS and of the conclusions of the ACTS projects in the cable sector.
Increased integration of the cable sector within ACTS.
The inclusion of the results of ACTS projects in the future activities of the cable sector.
Expected Impact
A strong R&D base for the EuroCable Labs activity in IBCoBN resulting in the strengthening of the European cable equipment and services suppliers position in world markets.

Main contributions to the programme objectives:
Main deliverables
Establishment of a platform for co-operation in Research and Development in the Cable Sector (EuroFACT)
Contribution to the programme
Coherent exploitation of broadband services on existing infrastructures.
Technical Approach
A separate Cable Sub-Chain is established under the Global Services Infrastructure (SII) chain for all projects concerned with services on the cable networks.
The cable sub-chain is co-ordinated with the other chains whose activities are likely to impact on the cable sector, e.g. DAVIC and Global Services Integration.
The project will provide representatives for the cable sector in the relevant ACTS domains.
Direct links are created with the main projects in ACTS which are of immediate concerned with cable networks.
A contact group is created with cable suppliers and with the steering group of operators within IBCoBN to ensure that a common interest is maintained with ACTS.
A specialist workshop involving a wider group of cable suppliers and operators is being organised and run at EuroCable '97. The workshop will consider the Strategic and Technical Priorities for European Cable Communications. The objective of the workshops is to establish, at a strategic level, the priority subjects for consideration by the Sub-chain during 1997 and to promote awareness of the ACTS programme within the cable sector and thus to facilitate early implementation and commercial exploitation of ACTS results.
Part of the sub-chain activities of the project will be to generate two reference documents covering the output of relevant ACTS projects - one from the viewpoint of operators and the other from that of suppliers. A number of guidelines based on the reference documents and relating to issues of current interest to the cable sector will be produced. The potential guidelines which have been identified so far include:
- Definition and functions of Service and Access providers for the cable sector.
- The implementation of fully bi-directional broadband on Cable Networks via the development of telephony based systems.
- The implementation of Data Access on Cable Networks
The formation of EuroCable Labs is supported by:
- Promoting support from the European Cable Operators via its participating operator organisations.
- Providing a forum for discussion and agreement as regards its organisation and structure.
Summary of Trial
The project is a concerted action and as such does not have a trial.
Key Issues
- Bringing together the projects concerned with multimedia retrieval services and those concerned with conversational symmetrical high bandwidth services for residential users.
- Bringing together those projects whose activities are related to cable networks and potential users.
- Co-ordinating the necessary work needed for the inter-working and inter-operability between cable distribution networks and transport networks.
- Strengthening the links with DAVIC through the IBCoBN project and with DVB through the INTERACT project.
- Involving the cable operators with National Hosts.
- Widening of the market for cable equipment through the inter-working with non-European countries.
- Involving the technical ACTS projects with the cable sector.
Supporting the development of common standards through DVB and DAVIC, and by the provision of technical guidelines for cable operators and suppliers.

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