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European experiment on the linkage between internet integrated services and atm

Exploitable results

The methodology developed allows to enhance existing application with the possibility to make use of resource reservation features as provided by the network. A reservation manager forms the basic interface between the application and the reservation protocol. For the applications, a number of solutions are offered and example implementations provided. The preferred solution, called Proxy solution, realizes the resource functionality by adapting intermediate modules within the communication path of the application. The integrated web application shows an example implementation. The application programs itself, e.g. clients and/or servers, remain unchanged, so any commercially available product can be used. This guarantees that further developments can be utilized and ensures a wide range of platforms for the application. The iMash toolkit is an audio/video conferencing application and illustrates a reservation possibility for the second solution, called Plug In Solution. The existing application itself needs to be changed, but the modification is restricted to placing a reservation module at the disposal of the application and to create and incorporate an interface to this module. The reservation module should not interfere with the normal behaviour but should run in parallel to the normal operations of the application. Also, the communication protocol stays unchanged. The third solution, called Integrated Solution, changes the application by directly incorporating the reservation module and changing normal operations. This is the least flexible of all scenarios. The integrated FTP application provides an example on how to proceed to achieve reservation functionality.