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Software radio technology

Exploitable results

SORT demonstrates the feasibility of flexible and efficient SoftWare (SW) programmable radios. A set of radio functionalities has been implemented (A/D Conversion, Channelisation and Sample Rate Adaptation) on reconfigurable hardware (FPGA-based device) for different types of Air Interfaces with different bandwidths and non-commensurable clocks (GSM, UTRA alpha and SINUS being selected covering terrestrial/satellite, broadband/narrowband radio access). The SORT demonstrator brings the SW radio concept to reality (Project ending in February 2000), hence accelerating the development of adaptive platforms in Base Stations / Fixed Earth Stations, Satellites and Mobile Terminals. The prospects for Software Radio are potentially large and far-reaching, and affect three principal interest groups, users, operators and manufacturers. The SORT demonstrator device under test is an RTD result that may be used in other test-beds with similar real-time processing needs. The HW/SW design can be used as background for prototyping and extrapolation to real products. Future RTD work in the field will benefit from key recommendations and conclusions for the impact of SW Radio on the future of telecommunications: a report on contributions to standardization and final synthesis of the project system study that integrates the evaluation results of the trials (inter alia, Air Interface model, key parameters values, design rules).