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Improved Care of Livestock


EUROVET aims to improve surveillance of livestock through closer computerised monitoring of animal life history and movements. The project will identify logical key factors in EU livestock database standards for tracking a wide range of species. These specifications will underpin the project demonstration and be validated by prospective user authorities. Among the benefits of EUROVET will be cheaper prevention of animal disease and tracing of lost livestock, more effective measures to prevent fraud, and meat markets boosted by greater consumer confidence in product quality.

The objective of Eurovet is to provide a Pan European system that will register, track and trace animal movements and record data pertaining to relevant events in the life and veterinary history of livestock animals. To achieve this Eurovet will research, establish and verify harmonised European standards and guidelines for livestock database systems.

The system specification will define the entities, relationships and attributes of the logical model which would comprise the recommended European Union standard for livestock databases. The definition drawn up will include systems inputs, functions and outputs to be complied with as a recommended minimum to ensure interoperability.

The system will have the potential for development into a multi-species and multilingual system. A demonstrator will be built incorporating the resulting standards and validated by User Administrations. Ease of use, flexibility and expandability will be paramount within the design criteria.

The research and deliverables from Eurovet will provide an essential foundation and practical mechanism for advancing towards a harmonised, coherent and integrated European Union animal health telematics system. It will also give the following benefits:

- Reductions in costs of administration in the tracking and tracing of livestock animals to meet existing and future legislative requirements;

- Reductions in fraud by improved detection and prevention;

- Reductions in costs by the prevention, early detection and effective containment of animal diseases;

- Stabilisation and improvements in markets for European meat and meat products through enhanced consumer confidence in food quality.

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