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EuroView will simplify communication between administrative authorities in the EU by offering them computerised directory services based on international standards. The project will give owners of directory information local control over their data while providing a single easy-to-use service for the authorities concerned. It will build on previously developed technology ideal for the storage and sharing of business data, including contact points and information about facilities and human resources. EuroView will also make recommendations on other key aspects of directory services, including legal and social implications.

Project EuroView will bring standards-based directory services to the varied world of European administration. Benefits already enjoyed by a growing number of research institutes and universities will be made accessible to government officials, customs officers, agriculture ministries, and all the myriad intercommunicating parts of modern European administrations.

EuroView will build on the directory technology (X.500) developed during a previous EU-funded project that included research organisations as well as universities and subsequently proven in a large-scale service. X.500 is a fully distributed system which allows all participating organisations to have local control over the information that they make available, while at the same time presenting a single, easy-to-use service to users.

X.500 provides the ideal model for storing corporate resource information because of its design for open secure and scalable distributed information sharing across the organistaion and between partners. Corporate resource information stored in X.500 can refer to contact points, employees, machines, facilities, and application programs. Contact information can include telephone and FAX numbers, postal addresses, electronic mail addresses, room numbers, and so on.

Starting with a survey of the particular needs and concerns of European Administrations, EuroView will express these requirements in terms of the international X.500 standard of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and International Standardization Organisation (ISO). Data from sample user communities will be loaded, user interfaces built or adapted, and demonstrations arranged. The organisational, social, and legal implications of administrative directory systems will be investigated, and reccommendations made for appropriate action.

By helping Europeans in administration to locate correspondents more easily, EuroView will aid communication and thus improve the effectiveness of all administration.

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