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The purpose of MAGNETS is to promote galleries and museums as a major source of cultural enrichment for all EU citizens, through better economic and resources management. With support from massive cultural reference sources already available, the project will provide a basis for future implementation across Europe in this field particularly those aimed at reinforcing the efforts of public authorities. It will undertake an in-depth study of the needs and expectations of museum visitors and their implications for technologically-supported marketing, with initial emphasis on the visual arts, archaeology and history. The project is of 13 months duration and it's results will be made public and will axt as a reference point for future work in this area.

European Museums and Galleries are world leaders in the cultural field. Over 15000 in numbers, they are visited by over 500 million people each year including many from other parts of Europe as well as numerous overseas visitors, thus making an important economic contribution as well as their cultural role, both directly and via educators and writers.

However, much of their collections cannot be shown due to lack of space and resources. Moreover, many more people could benefit from more widespread access including those in remote areas as well as severely disabled people and those who regard museums and galleries as 'not for them'.

The opportunities for these institutions to be a major resource in the coming Information Society are becoming increasingly well recognised, as shown by the G7 Pilot Project on Museums. Also, this provides an opportunity for them to secure additional sources of revenue to replace reducing governmental support and a number of EC and international projects have already been launched but are threatened by well-funded, aggressive US projects.

The MAGNETS project combines a leading French Museum organisation with a database of 100,000 art objects, VIDEOMUSEUM, and a 'Cultural SME' itself a product of one of the EC's first cultural systems projects, VASARI Enterprises. It aims to provide enabling support to future EC projects, including those aimed at supporting Public Administrative efforts; by providing an indepth study of User Requirements selected critical Market and Technology issues and 'Visions' for museums and galleries en route to the Information Society, with particular attention to the visual arts, archaeology and history fields which can serve as inspiration to other fields. The results should also be of direct benefit to a wide range of Museums & Galleries as well as the responsible Public Administrations.

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