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Landing Gear Research Technologies For Future Design


There is always a request from the aircraft manufacturers to reduce the weight of airframe, engines and equipment so as to increase the range and payload of commercial aircraft. This has been highlighted by studies into future large aircraft with capacities of between 600 and 800 passengers. These studies have shown that there is a relationship between typical equipment weight and aircraft capacity, specifically that growth of equipment weight with MTOW is to a power of 3/2. In applying this relationship to the landing gear for a passenger aircraft of the size proposed, the weight of the landing gear is projected to be in excess of 20 tonnes. This clearly represents a significant proportion of the aircraft weight and the aircraft manufacturers suggested that this might be the subject of a research project with an objective to reduce the projected weight by some 25%.

EUROGEAR EEIG examined this requirement and identified that three areas of technology need to be addressed which, together, might enable the reduction in projected weight required by the aircraft manufacturers.

The three areas of technology are 1) design methodology, 2) advanced landing gear damping controls and 3) advanced structural composite materials.


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