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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Study of Noise and Aerodynamics of Advanced Propellers


The long-term objective of the SNAAP project is to enable The European aircraft industry to design quieter propeller-driven aircraft providing for improved passenger comfort and reduced environmental noise.

For propeller-driven systems, considerable effort is required to understand the mechanisms responsible for the noise generation on the propeller blade and for the associated mathematic modelling.

The main objectives of this project are:

the identification of the acoustic sources on advanced propeller and propfans,
modelling the mechanisms responsible for the sound generation and its propagation,
development and validation of an aeroacoustic code capable of predictions of propeller noise in the near field and far field.

To achieve this, two propeller configurations will be investigated. The first will be an advanced propeller designed for a cruise Mach number of 0.7 and the second a swept propfan type operating at a cruise Mach number of 0.8 such as has been designed during the pilot phase of the Brite/Euram Gemini project.

The proposed objectives will be accomplished by a series of specific tasks which will address the required theoretical and experimental development aspects and will define the scaling philosophy, the design, manufacture and instrumentation of propeller models capable of withstanding the stress due to the test conditions. In addition, the testing procedures and techniques for the analysis of the acoustic, aerodynamic and vibration data to be acquired in the tests will be established. In parallel with this the theoretical activity will develop both an aerodynamic and an acoustic code. The former will be based on Euler techniques and will provide input data essential for the acoustic code. The acoustic code will comprise of several modules each of which will account for different acoustic sources. Techniques for identifying the different acoustic sources from the test data will be developed. The codes will be validated and refined using the experimental data.


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