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Investigation of the Aerodynamics and Cooling of Advanced Engine Turbine Components


The research programme has the following principal objectives.

Better understanding of, and ability to control wake/blade interaction effects in highly loaded HP turbines.
Resolution of the effects on turbine performance of coolant injection in Nozzle Guide Vanes (NGV) and blades.
Measurement of heat transfer to rotating turbine blades. Unsteady interaction and coolant injection from NGV and blade.
Investigation of large scale film cooling holes. Determination of the discharge coefficient, flow structure and heat transfer.
CFD development work to shed further light on the above and facilitate superior design methods.
A significant programme of collaborative research work has been successfully completed. Twenty partners from across the whole of Europe have worked together. Six experiments were carried out all partners contributed to the successful conclusion of the work. Activities included design, manufacture, instrumentation work, commissioning and running the rigs, analysing results, writing and applying CFD codes and project management.

The major outcome is a unique data base describing in detail the flow field in highly cooled HP turbines. The size of this data base cannot be over emphasised. Much of the data is time resolved extending the three spatial dimensions to four including time. Such data is a vital resource to generate and validate the new generation of unsteady CFD codes. Such CFD work was also advanced in the programme. Some of the data is suitable to be directly applied to design as empirical correlations, a process which has already started.

Through the research programme a large number of people from the different members of the consortium have been exposed to new ideas and much valuable training has been a useful by-product. Useful working relationships have also been developed to cross barriers between industry and academia, different countries and between industries.


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