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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is now well established as an integral part of the aerodynamic design process within the aerospace industry. Computer codes for modelling either simple geometries or flows are now mature and in routine use by aerodynamic engineers. The current thrust of research and development is towards the modelling of complex configurations and flows. This trend places a heavy burden on the ability to generate computational meshes of a consistently high standard. Rapid progress through collaborative research is required if Europe is to retain a competitive edge.

The main objectives of this mesh generation project are therefore 2-fold. Firstly, general purpose grid generation techniques are to be developed for multi-block methods. Several complementary approaches will be explored by the partners. The second major objective is to investigate techniques for improving mesh efficiency and solution accuracy. Mesh embedding can be used to refine blocks locally without a global propagation of unnecessary mesh points. In addition, by allowing the grid to adapt itself dynamically to regions of high error or flow gradient an improved standard of solution can be obtained.
Within the intended scope of the two year project EUROMESH was considered successful by its participants. The project did not provide solutions to all of the questions asked and indeed raised many new issues to be addressed in subsequent projects. However, in addition to making progress within many key areas the project brought together for the first time Europes leading workers in a vital area of CFD technology. The project was conducted in a tremendous spirit of cooperation and the value to all of regular, in depth discussions and reviews cannot be overstated. The project highlighted key deficiencies in the area of mesh adaptation which need to be urgently addressed. In time as Europes aeronautical industry becomes more integrated projects of this form should evolve towards common shared CFD systems.


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