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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Study of Optimisation procedures for Decreasing the Impact of Noise


The SOURDINE project is perceived as the first stage of a long-term programme in the noise reduction field. The final outcome of this programme will be the definition and assessment of new approach and take-off procedures for all European airports supported by the adequate federation of validated simulation tools. The automation tools required to assist the end-users (pilots and controllers) in the utilisation of the new procedures will also be defined.

SOURDINE has the following objectives :

1. Study and propose alternatives to reduce noise levels around airports, by :
- elaborating generic rules for updating the existing approach and take-off procedures for short term improvement (such as reduced flaps, delayed landing gear lowering, and higher descent speed) applicable to most of the existing aircraft,
- investigating new procedures taking benefit from new airborne and ground technologies (MLS, GPS, Enhanced FMS, ..),

2. Apply those rules to define new procedures for selected airports (Schiphol, Madrid and Napoli), considering the feasibility of such procedures. Qualitative effect in noise reduction will be provided to demonstrate to the European Commission that it is worth investigating in this domain.

3. Identify the simulation tools and their capability of being integrated in a global simulation platform aiming at carrying out the operational validation of the new procedures within the scope of the 5th Framework Programme. The noise measurement system and the automation tools for operator assistance (pilot, Controllers, airport personnel) will also be defined. End-users will be involved for a preliminary validation of the concepts.

This task will be co-ordinated with other research activities, notably the projects funded by DG XII and federated under the label of "The Environmentally Friendly Aircraft" (TEFA).


Synergy and coordination is anticipated with other DGVII projects (e.g. ARAMIS) and with DGXII projects (e.g. RESOUND, RANNTAC, RAIN). The reusability of existing simulation tools is a key driver.

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