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The main objective of this project is to develop new land-use systems based on fast growing quality timber production on left-aside agricultural land. Fast growing high quality trees are to be grown either alone ("farm forestry") or in conjunction with other agricultural crops, including pasture ("agroforestry"). These plantations are considered at a farm level, with the aim of maintaining a financial return for farmers and helping them to adapt their production to a reduction in food products. Two important aspects of the present CAP are involved : a reduction of intensive agricultural production and an increase in high quality timber production.

Research concentrates on two main directions :

The first concerns the collection and analysis of data from existing or new farm/agro-forestry sites on aspects concerning choice of tree genotype, tree establishment and plantation management, effects on agricultural production, rearing systems and tree growth and form, and consequences for wood quality.

The second concerns the incorporation of these data into existing or new models in order to predict long-term consequences and their effect at the micro- and macro-economic level.

The main core of this project is situated in France and Great-Britain, where a network of research and experimental sites already exists. Other European countries contribute in order to fill in some gaps in scientific knowledge and to cover a wide climatic range.

The project should result in the prediction of the potential for farm/agro-forestry in a wide range of European situations, with an indication of confidence in that prediction, based on the analysis and interpretation of the experimental data.

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