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- The optimization of the Waterloo Flash Pyrolysis Process (WFPP) at the pilot plant level, enabling a techno-economical evaluation of this technology.

- The search for practical and sound applications of this pyrolytic oil, also investigating its possible energetic and industrial uses.

In order to fulfil the mentioned objectives the following tasks are being carried out:

1. Optimization of the Union Fenosa pyrolysis pilot plant including the production of suitable quality pyrolysis oils. A number of different kinds of biomass will be used.

2. These oils will be analyzed, characterised and compared to other pyrolytic oils.

3. The bio-oils will be upgraded, or treated so as to improve its characteristics or to obtain other refined oils.

4. The bio-oil will be used as fuel and tested in machines such as diesel engines and combustion chambers.

5. The bio-oil will be submitted to certain separation processes, in order to obtain different chemicals that have a high added value and can be used as substitutes for fuel additives.

The first period of the project has been basically devoted to the operation and optimization of the Union Fenosa pyrolysis plant. Significant quantities of bio-oil have been produced and several improvements of the process implemented in the plant. This is resulting in a progressive increase in the production capacity of the installation as well as a product of better quality.

The main objectives for the next period in the operation of the plant is to further optimize the technology, to use various biomass types as feedstock, and to obtain data to carry out detailed mass and energy balances of the process. Bio-oil samples have been regularly sent to the Université Catholique de Louvain who is doing basic and in depth characterization of the product obtaining a useful feedback for the optimization of the process. Significant quantities of bio-oil have been sent to both VTT and CPERI who have initiated works on various aspects of the utilization of pyrolysis oils for energy and extraction of valuable fractions respectively. Thermocatalysis related works will be initiated soon by VEBA OEL after receiving the bio-oil samples from Union Fenosa.

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