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Genome mapping informatics infrastructure


The aim of the GEMINI project is to provide the informatics infrastructure necessary for the EC's collaborative programmes to map the genomes of pigs (PiGMaP; CT-943044) and cattle (BovMap CT-920359). The two main objectives are 1) to develop resource databases, to store and manage the genotyping data from the reference families which are being used to construct the linkage maps; 2) to develop public domain summary databases, containing all published physical and genetic mapping information. The subsidiary objectives are - to provide network access to the databases; to develop user friendly graphical interfaces for the databases; and to provide training, documentation and technical support.
- The resource database (ResPig) and the associated analysis programmes were used to develop the PiGMaP Consortium linkage map of the porcine genome (Archibald et al., 1995).
- Both the summary public domain databases were mounted on the World Wide Web (URL = and thus making these resources freely accessible to the scientific community.
- The chicken and dog genome mapping collaborations have adopted the PiGBASE and BOVMAP model databases respectively.
- Development of a generic World Wide Web to database interface building tool (WebinTool)
- Development of a graphical user interface - the Anubis genome viewer for map displays

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