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Protein secretion in filamentous fungi Trichoderma


The research in the laboratories involved in the programme is focused on various areas related to the secretion of proteins. These include isolation and characterisation of genes which are involved or enhance secretion, the glycosylation of proteins and its significance, the influence of production conditions on protein secretion, strategies for heterologous protein secretion and studies on protein targeting and secretion at the sub-cellular level.
In total 6 meetings have been held in collaboration with the concerted action group co-ordinated by Dr C A M J J van den Hondel during the programme. The first was held in November 1993, in Amsterdam, and provided an opportunity for the partners to become acquainted with the activities in the participating laboratories. The meeting was highly profitable leading to exchanges at several levels eg research ideas, use of different techniques etc. The second meeting held in Lunteren in April 1994 took the form of a general forum dealing with a range of topics relevant to protein secretion in fungi. The third meeting in November 1994 was part of a larger meeting, held in London, which brought together all the groups engaged in fungal biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology under the aegis of the 3rd Framework Biotechnology Programme. This meeting provided the opportunity for the group as a whole to make decisions concerning a major application to the 4th Framework Programme. The groups meet in Helsinki in May 1995, in Vienna in November 1995 and in Toulouse in May 1996. On each occasion presentations of ongoing research were made and wide ranging discussions focussed on further new ideas and technical developments. In the later stages of the programme the meeting of the CAP groups was held simultaneously with the BIOTECH Project Grant group (which developed from the two CAPs) enabling a sharing of the research being carried out on the important research project on protein secretion. During the course of the programme a range of one-to one discussions between the individual partners have also been held.
The successful major grant proposal on Filamentous Fungi: a cell factory for the production of proteins and fungal metabolites arose from meetings of the CAP groups and other fungal researchers held in 1994 and 1995.. This project will bring together more than 30 academic and industrial laboratories with a diversity of experimental and technical expertise that would enable major advances in the exploitation of these important organisms.

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