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Integrated protein sequence database


Meeting the demands of academic and industrial users for a comprehensive protein sequence database while realizing the potential implicit in the emerging information highway will require the development and adoption of new technologies. Areas of particular concern include:
- database integration through the combination of sequence databases with exogenous data generated by external sources (in this case abstracts, gene mapping data, genomic sequence data, protein structure data, complex carbohydrate data, etc.)
- application of new database technologies to ease access to sequence and related data
- intuitive user-interfaces and database access tools
- reliable, synchronized, real-time data distribution strategies These areas have been designated in section 8.1.1 in the call for proposals to the FRAMEWORK IV programme as those specifically in need of increased attention and developmental efforts. We propose to meet these new challenges by the adoption of object-oriented database technologies and by the utilization of advanced, self-synchronizing, data distribution protocols. Industrial and academic sites will actively participate in the development of a common, coherent framework to ensure a user-oriented approach. The proposed work will focus on the following initiatives:
- rapid collection and annotation of protein sequence data
- organization of the protein sequence database into multiple, object-oriented components
- organization of a continuously updated database of protein families and multiple alignments
- integration of protein and nucleic sequence data and other exogenous data within a comprehensive, query-oriented database and information retrieval system
- synchronization of remote database copies at the participants' sites - development of a flexible user-oriented interface to satisfy the needs as identified in close collaboration with the academic and industrial partners - development of an integrated, versatile, and comprehensive sequence database system as a self-supporting, market-oriented product The project will emphasize to the vital interaction of the database producer and the academic/industrial database users.

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