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A study of improving dissemination of biotechnology research to EU bio-industry


The primary objective of this proposal is to disseminate results of the Biotechnology Programme directly to industry users and indirectly through relevant technical periodicals, industry newsletter and other media channels. BioResearch Ireland (BRI) and the European Secretariat of National BioIndustry Associations (ESNBA) jointly propose to develop and manage a system for dissemination of useful R&D results from the current and previous biotechnology programmes to EU bio-industries, and particularly to SME's.
The proposers intend to achieve this goal by dissemination of technology opportunities:
(a) Through the technical and trade periodials which are regularly consulted by the biotech-related industries in Europe.
(b) Directly to relevant industries through their representative organisation - ESNBA and its members organisations.
This proposal will involve the sourcing and preparation of twelve technology transfer opportunity releases per year, in suitable formats for publication and direct dissemination. The proposers envisage a three year period for the project. The activity of this proposal conforms to the objectives of the Preparatory, accompanying and support measures outlined in the workplan. The proposal directly involves the promotion of the exploitation of results and the publication and dissemination of information on biotechnology research and related activities and on the impact of the application of research results.

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