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Finishing the yeast genome sequencing


On the eve of 1996, a total of 12,250,000 bp of final DNA sequence of the yeast genome has been deposited in EMBL, GENBANK or MIPS data bases. This corresponds to 98% of the nuclear yeast genome excluding the two major repeated regions amounting to more than a million of base pairs.
About 76% of the world wide submitted yeast sequences were carried out in Europe; 59% being funded by the EU and 17% being funded by the WELLCOME TRUST FOUNDATION (SANGER CENTER).
It is Europe's duty and interest to take care that the yeast genome sequence be not only the first eucaryotic one to be fully completed but also be a model for quality and usefulness to science and industry.
We therefore propose three subprojects; the feasibilities of which have been tested carefully.
The first subproject aims to the sequencing of mitochondrial DNA and of the two repeated regions not checked so far.
The second subproject aims to the assessment of the true error rate and to the correction of 30 to 50 % of the estimated 2500 to 3750 remaining sequencing errors (one error per two or three genes).
The third subproject aims at the maintenance of the corrected genome sequence data base.
The sequencing laboratories involved have proved to be among the most efficient and the most reliable ones involved in the yeast genome sequencing. The technical approaches proposed have original components and are extremely cost efficient: 0.1 0.3 or 1.0 ecu/bp according to the topic. The verification procedures will be exploited at little extra cost for obtention of useful informations on strains of industrial interests. All subprojects might be considered as pilot projects for similar approaches on other genomes.

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