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Practical measures with emphasis on financing of SME's using biotechniques for a better exploitation of EC-funded project results


Establishing and maintaining a healthy, well-focused responsive RTD Programme does not guarantee success on the market place. Research results must be converted quickly and effectively into innovative useful products and services. This is the actual challenge to which the EC is presently confronted with .
In the particular case of the BIOTECHNOLOGY Programme of the EC the participation of industry in the research projects although regularly increasing is still quite limited. As a consequence the exploitation of the project results by companies needs also to be considerably improved.
One of the major obstacles to the exploitation of R&D results by companies is their difficulty to find enough capital to get the investments necessary to bring new products or processes on the market place.
Therefore INTOSPACE GmbH, the partner of the Innovation Relay Centre Lower Saxony/Saxony Anhalt in Germany with expertise in biotechnology is proposing to the EC BIOTECHNOLOGY Programme a scientific study of six months to analyse those specific problems and suggest practical solutions.
Two experienced partners, QAP Decision in Grenoble, France and The Open University in the U.K. will also help in the realization of the study providing their in-depth knowledge of the Bioindustry and its socio-economic aspects in their respective countries.
Our objective will be to develop concepts and a strategy for the successful presentation of research results issued from BIOTECHNOLOGY projects to potential investors like banks, venture capitalists.
After a general analysis of the problems of the SMEs using biotechniques in France, Germany and the U.K. concerning the funding of innovation we will look closely at the deficits of companies in their contacts with investors as well as the difficulties encountered by financiers in their contacts with the Bioindustry SMEs. Following a ranking of the identified problems a concept will be developed to improve the access of SMEs to the capital market. On the occasion of a workshop attended by representatives of the SMEs, the financiers and the EC Biotechnology Programme the proposed measures will be presented and discussed. It will help in the preparation of the study final report making recommendations to the EC Biotechnology Programme.
After completion of the work the project coordinator intends to put the study results into practice advising innovative bioindustry SMEs willing to exploit R&D results gained in the frame of a BIOTECHNOLOGY project and looking for capital for investment in the realization of new products.

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