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Inventory and analysis of biotech programmes and related activities in all countries participating in the biotechnology programme 1994-1998 - part 3


This proposal is linked with three related projects (Parts 1, 2 and 4 of the same title) which, taken as a whole, have the main objective to produce an exhaustive inventory, analysis and overview of biotechnology research, technology and development (RTD) in EU and EFTA/EEA countries directly stimulated by specific public programmes.
The project covers:
(a) each Member State which participated in the Biotechnology Programme 1994-19 (b) the most important topics in biotech research, including the priority topic of the Biotechnology Programme 1994-1998
(c) making an overview of a range of factors connected to the conditions, policies and impacts etc. of these public programmes
(d) and producing, on the basis of this overview, analyses, conclusions and recommendations.
In deciding on specific topics and factors to be included in (b) and (c), we will be guided by a Steering Group including officials from the EC responsible for this study and a selection of governmental representatives and scientists which function as contact people in the EU and EFTA/EEA Member States for the Biotechnology Programme 1994- l 998. We will combine (b) and (c) in a matrix (biotech topics versus factors) for each Member State in (a). After the information and data on programmes concerning R&D and related activities for each country are collected and put in the matrix, an analysis will be made to provide an overview of biotech RTD in countries participating in the Biotechnology Programme, including the extent of co-ordination between European and national biotech programmes and related activities.
The purpose of this specific proposal will be to gather and analyse data on Denmark, France, Greece, Luxemburg, Spain, The Netherlands, using the common framework which we shall develop in liaison with two linked project teams (Parts 1 and 2 of the eponymous proposal). All the project teams will work together to produce an analysis, final report and recommendations at theEuropean level (Part 4 of the proposal), which will be based on the national inventories and reports of all Member States.

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