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Harvesting and Biological Valorisation of the Shell Crepidula Fornicata


The proliferation of Crepidula fornicata (slipper limpet) in the western european seawater is more and more a problem. The total amount of Crepidula living in the french shallow waters reaches already 5 Mio mT. This induces a strong trophic competition in areas harbouring important oysters and mussels farming. Keaton Ltd a british firm and SECOBIO-BIOSERAE, 2 french firms intend to study a specific harvesting procedure and new ways of Crepidula valorisation giving high added value products. From the fresh shell, we will study the extraction of proteins having biological propoerties (for instance: enzymes). From the heated flesh, we will study the production of aromatic material or specific proteins or lipids for cosmetic or dietetic applications.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Secobio SARL
L.d. La Combessie
81360 Montredon Labessonnie

Participants (2)

Bio Serae Laboratoires SA
Las Tapios
11170 Montolieu
Keaton Limited
United Kingdom
Victoria Street
Im1 2Sj Douglas