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The effect of the genetic background on flower colour


Flower colour is determined principally by two pigment types: anthocyanins and carotenoids. Many genes of the anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway have been isolated and their function has been characterized. Insertion of these genes in other plant species than the species that have been used for gene isolation, has shown that the physiological environment is just as important in determining flower colour. Factors such as pH, co-pigmentation, complexation with metal ions, methylation, glucosylation, etc. play an important role in determining flower colour. In this preparatory award phase Florigene Europe and Klemm + Sohn will find partners to do this fundamental research. The genetic diversity in carnation will also be investigated.


Florigene Europe BV
4A,waardlaan 4A
2231 NA Rijnsburg

Participants (1)

Klemm & Sohn
70378 Stuttgart