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Development of new antibiotics with a focus on multiple drug resistance


Infectious diseases caused by multiple resistant pathogens are a serious threat to society and requires urgent action. The present porposal outlines the plans of two SMEs in the human pharmaceuticals sector, Auda Pharmaceuticals and Receptor Research, to engage in a joint drug discovery program. The objective of this project is to develop novel antibacterial agents against multiple drug resistant forms of clinical pathogens. The aim is to have at least two novel antibiotics which are effective against at least one multiple drug resistant pathogen entering phase 1 clinical trials by the end of the 3 year drug discovery program. The basic strategy consists of the following steps: (a) identification of molecules (usually natural products) which have proven pharmacological track records (b) deisgn, synthesize and characterize combinatorial libraries for inhibitory activity against multiple drug resistant pathogens (d) characterize the hits into drug (e.g. determine pharmacokinetic and eukaryotic cytotxicity properties) and (e) develop the hits into drug candidates using both combinatorial and conventional medicinal chemistry techniques. Both Auda Pharmaceuticals and Receptor Research have proprietary technology which allows efficient combinatorial synthesis and high through-put screening respectively.

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