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Development of a antitumor therapy based on biotechnological engineering of plasmoviruses expressing Apoptin


Development of a anti-tumor therapy based on biotechnological engineering of plasmoviruses expressing Apoptin. The two SME companies Genopoietic/Sarl and Leadd bv are both active in the biotechnology field of the (human) gene therapy. Leadd bv developed a very strong and specific anti-tumor agent, named Apoptin. Apoptin induces specifically apoptosis (programmed cell death) in human tumor cells, but not in normal cells. Under circumstance, several chemotherapeutics could not induce apoptosis, Apoptin was proven to do so. Genopoietic/Sarl has developed a potent and safe gene-therapy vectors is easy to produce in large quantity as clinical grade materials and allow efficient and safe in vivo targeting for tumor cells. Plasmoviruses will be developed, which express Apoptin at high levels. In vitro, as well as, in-vivo studies will be carried out to optimize the efficacy of induction of appoptosis in tumor cells by plasmovirus-expressed Apoptin. Tumor regression and the effect on normal cells will be studies. The final goal will be to develop a anti-tumor protocol based on plamoviruses expressing anti-tumor agent Apoptin that is safe and accurate.


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