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Managing of water purification Bioprocesses at low temperatures


The major goal is to improve performance of bioprocesses with the aid of a full scale bioreactor operating at low temperatures (<10 degrees Celcius) for purifying water from specific hazardous compounds typically found in landfull leachates. The project consists of the following steps: - improving of the standard of knowledge through studies of both behaviour and biogradility of specific organic compounds in laboratory scale - a feasibility, pilot scale study (reactor volume 1m3) in climatic conditions typical to Scandinavia for purification of landfill leachate - construction and one year testing and demonstrating of a full scale process with a 50m3 daily capacity for the above prupose. Groundwater temperature is varying between 5 and 15 degrees Celcius depending on the season. The study will facilitate replication of similar biological treatment plants combined with fully tested bioprocesses for specific problems.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Helsinki University Development Services LTD
00710 Helsinki

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MVH Konsult AB
861 00 Timra