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Content archived on 2024-05-07

A Multi-Analyte integrated optical immunosensor for a novel portable real-time near-patient testing system


Concerning the huge gaps which still exist between micro and nano-scale engineering and biology the present proposal will focus on the development of fundamental techniqes to overcome these hindrances. The approach will be to develop a re-usable sensor device based on mutiple optical fibers and automatic micro-fluidic handling system for parallel detecting of distinct analytes which is expected to provide the required selectivity, sensitivity and rapidity. The choice of antibodies and their coupling to the optical device with respect to lowest signal to noise relation and highest specific results has to be elaborated; aspects of multi analyte detection has to be put to a compromise with focus on parameter's priority; additionally the fluid's composition and dynamic has great influence of the sensitive performance of the device. Evanescent wave-based immunosensors have proven their ability to detect rapidly selectively the antigenes in clinical samples and were used in an increased number of applications in the field of lifescience. One of the most important problems toward re-usability is the stable immobilization of antibodies on the optical fibre. The contributed method to solve this problem is an orientated high-load immobilization of antibodies on the fibersurface which results in an uniform monolayer of antibodies, defined conditions in the evanescent wave-field and high reproducability. The feasibility study will investigate such sensors for quantifying different antigen concentrations as appropriate indicators for acute phase or suppressive inflammatory kinetics in sera of intensive care patients and as helpful information to optimize therapeutic infusions and acute phase interventions.

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