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Identification of genes controlling economic traits in pig


GENETPIG project will allow teams, from five countries of the European community, to accelerate the mapping and to identify GENes controlling Economic Traits in PIG.
Today, the number of known genes is relatively low in pig (160 genes are localised on this genome), and given this poor map resolution, it is difficult to identify closely linked markers allowing selection for traits, to suggest candidate genes, and to isolate the causal gene.
The existence of conserved chromosomal segments between mammalian species provided a basis for a more rapid progress in the search for candidate genes.. It is essential to use, in the optimum manner, these possibility of comparison between genome taken advantage, for example, of the well-documented human genome. These known method is called comparative mapping strategy.
We must extend knowledge, sharing strategies and data in a timely manner, build a dense network of comparison. 1) to locate as many coding sequences as possible in the pig genome; 2) to focus studies concerning genes with potential zootechnical interest where QTL (Quantitative Trait loci) are being found. Partners will use EST (Expressed Sequences Tags) isolated from tissue specific cDNA libraries (small intestine, ovary, liver and muscle) and human ESTs used in PCR heterologous conditions.
GENETPIG partners propose to increase fourfold the number of localised genes in the pig map. The six Partners (five countries: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden ) will localize, in close collaboration, about 700 porcine EST or human EST on the pig genome using, essentially, available hybrid panels tool.
The result will be gathered in data base, using current computing and network possibilities, and will be recorded to the published homology relationships between species


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